4. Final Individual Essay

Dear all attendees of Writing 3,

To test your skill in essay writing after attending Writing 3 during this term, please write an essay on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Write the essay in about 500-700 words using Times New Roman 12″ and print them out in quarto paper. The work should be submitted on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Limit this general topic into a proper subject to write in such essay. For instances, you can narrow it down to:

  1. The Procedure of Running a Writing Class of Distance Learning Using ICT
  2. The Benefits of Using Blog to Develop Writing Skills
  3. The Roles of ICT in Twentieth Century Education

Make sure that you apply the whole skills you had practiced along this term. Thus, it’s a good idea to restudy Organizing an Essay and Essay Sample while writing the essay.

Good Luck!

Parlin Pardede


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