7. Mid-Term Assignments

Write a paragraph of illustration and a narrative paragraph by using the following conditions:

1. Choose one of the following topics to write for the paragraph of illustration (for further information see Scarry & Scarry’s The Writer’s Workplace with Readings: Building College Writing Skills, pp. 362-365):

  • A Passion for Reading
  • Shopping
  • Expectation of Others

2. Choose one of the following topics to write for the narrative paragraph (for further information see Scarry & Scarry’s The Writer’s Workplace with Readings: Building College Writing Skills, pp. 381-383):

  • The Story of How You Face a New Challenge
  • The Story of a Fight or Argument
  • The Beginning of a Special Relationship

Post your paragraph on the reply section below by Friday, October 28, 2011. Good Luck!


11 thoughts on “7. Mid-Term Assignments

  1. Dear Sir,
    Below are my respond to Mid-Term assignment of Writing II

    A New Pet

    I have five children, they all love pets. My first daughter takes care of python snake ball. Three boys take care of a turtle, and another one keeps the fish in the aquarium. One day they asked me to buy hamster. We bought a pair of it, included cage and accessory. They were all happy. Two months later the first five children of hamsters were born. We were all happy because two months later, seven children of hamsters were born again. Wow! What a very troublesome experience. After hamster gave birth four times successfully, I began to rush to buy food and cages for them. We shared the children of hamsters to anyone who is willing to take care of it and I just allow my kids to just take care of two hamsters with the same sex, so they do not breed out of control again.

    The day I started driving a Car

    When I was 14 years old, along with my sister, after the last few years we just always told to wash our father’s official car. First of all, we were so curious to try the car. We didn’t have any experiences how to drive well except we saw or observed it from our dad when he drove his car. Then, one day we tried to start the engine of our dad’s car, I stepped on the clutch pedal, put the reverse gear, press the gas pedal and Wushh …… the car was moving backward, however, it only happened a few seconds, later the car stalled followed by a loud noise from the collapsed wall of the house next door of neighbor which was hit by our car. We were so scared, shocked infinity, and also got angry with our parents. Finally, our father taught us how to drive properly and since then we felt that washing car was the fun thing to do.

  2. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below is my mid-term assignment:
    sorry i’m late,
    1.Illustration: Advice to Friends.
    People need a friends to share,talk,walking together. But sometimes friends make a angry. because don’t want to listen and not agree for the opinion. I agree if friends not only play together, fun together. But also know what the friends problem. A good friends must do everything together. so if you want to be a good friends, just do it together.

    2.Narration: The day I was faced with a death in the family.
    The hardest day happened in my life when my uncle died. He got accident in American country. An actually my family didn’t knew. What is the problem, the first time my uncle said, he okay. But one day someone called my aunt in Jakarta and said my uncle felt down from toilet until died. Me and all my family shocked to heard the bad news and screamed. I prayed to GOD and said, how come GOD, why you took my uncle. I didn’t knew what happened with my uncle until know.


  3. Narrative Writing
    The Day I Organized My Room
    Finally, I had my own room, my department room. As a head of English Department in this school, I strived for a room where we can work better and students can focus on listening and speaking skills.. After some discussion, the board let us to have our own room. It’s a small room, almost like a storage room. There are windows for changing air. That’s a good start, I thought. The room was totally messy. Once you opened the door, you could smell rotten wood and papers. Boxes were everywhere and spider webs were hanging from corner to corner. I don’t know how to start and I only had weekend-day cleaning. First, I opened the windows so fresh air went inside the room. Then, I noted what I need for this room: furniture and decoration. Well, the most important thing media corner. Then I got rid of the boxes out of this room. Boxes were heavy and smelly. What I could remember at that time was only about deadline. So, I worked faster. After that I swept and mopped the floor. The rotten smell was still there. Then I was thinking what I could do with this smell. Then I went to groceries store to buy some packages of coffee powder. I just poured all coffee powder on the floor. Next, I looked at the wall. There were stained and leak marks on some places. I was thinking, what I could do. It’s impossible to paint this room because of time and cost. So, I tried to cover the dirty spots with whiteboard, soft board and some English teaching aids. It took much time to arrange the room because I cleaned the spider webs and wipe off the wall first. It’s already dark and I had no more energy, so I decided to go home and continue tomorrow. The next day, I continue the rest of my work: arranging the furniture and media corner. Everything was ready, but the media. There was trouble in media and I was almost crying to fix it because it’s getting late and we needed it for tomorrow. Students would have listening exercise in the morning. And I couldn’t fix it that night. So I gave up. It’s completely frustrating. The next morning, I told to my subordinates that I couldn’t fix the media. Then we all worked together figuring out how to operate it. Ultimately, we fixed it before students came. I am glad to have great crew in English Department.

  4. A paragraph of Illustration
    Shopping for Shoes
    I like fashion very much, especially shoes. I can buy three or four pairs of shoes in a day. I have funny experience with shoes. It happened when I was in England visiting my sister during winter. After New Year, as tradition, stores do garage sale because they are going to have next collection of season. There is a famous shoe boutique in downtown. The shoes produced by this brand are high quality, yet the price is expensive. So, whenever this boutique has sale seasons, people could spend night in front of the store to buy the shoes. At that time boots were very fashionable and I had some pairs I really wanted t, including the boots. My sister and I were very sure people would spend night to queue in front of the store. So, we did the same thing. It was totally chilly outside. We wore layers of thick clothes, scarf, warm boots, socks as well as jacket. We went there at 11 pm and there were eight or nine people in front of us. We opened our sleeping bag and put a big thermos of hot coco on the floor. We tried to amuse ourselves with books and radio. We could not sleep. If we had done, we would have awaken in five or ten minutes. Early in the morning at 7am, the store was opened. All people were like crazy going inside the stores. They just grabbed what they could. I directly ran to boots section and was looking for my favorite ones. A ha, I found it! While I was grabbing the shoes I wanted, from the opposite side, there was another girl grabbing the same boots. Then I was staring at her. She also did the same thing. No one of us wanted to let the boots off. And I was screaming to call the sales lady. People around me were surprised and came to see what happened. Then I talked to the sales lady if she had my shoe size number in the storage, but I still didn’t let the shoes go. Then the sales lady hurry went to the storage to check. Then she came in rush and told me that she had another pair. Ultimately, I just let them go to that lady. When I go to buy shoes with my sister, we always remember that story. That’s how my love to shoes.

  5. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below is my mid-assignment revision:

    1. The paragraph of illustration: Passionate about movies.
    My husband had a great passion in watching movies. Just to illustrate, if he is going to mall, he is always looking for pirated DVDs counter and buy some new movies. He chooses pirated DVDs because they’re inexpensive and always up to date. The most he likes to buy are action movies then comedies but he doesn’t like horror movies, especially Indonesian horror. Another illustration is he also supports the television with home theater and subscribed cable TV. He likes to watch detective serial such as NCIS, Criminal Mind, and others. If he has a day off, he spends all day watching movie at home, but there are some movies that he must watch in the cinema. For instance, Kung Fu Panda, Garuda di Dadaku, etc., he always took his son to watch movie in the cinema. This would be a cheap, educational and excitement entertainment for my family.

    2. The narrative paragraph: The day I started a new job.
    I woke up early because the day I started a new job. Within a few minutes, I took a bath, dressing, and then wearing my best work clothes. Soon afterward I run to my mom and asked about my appearance. I want to look beautiful and attractive but not overdone. After a little while I ate breakfast and later checked re-appearance and the equipment that I should bring. I was nervous, because I wanted to give a good first impression at the new office. Before leaving we prayed together, and both my parents hugged and kissed me. My fears instantly vanished because I believe their prayers and support will always accompany me during the work.


  6. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below is my response to Mid-Term Assignments of Writing II.
    1. The narrative paragraph
    Topic: a confrontation between two roommates
    When I was in college, I had a busybody roommate. Her name is Murni . Earlier, whenever Murni and I would go to bed around the same time, we would have our “nightly talks.” Murni knew all my secrets, and I knew all of hers. Our friendship started slowly, but soon we were talking about our personal lives as if we were the best of friends. Then, she turned into a busybody. Whenever I would talk on the phone, my roommate would stop what she was doing, sit down, and listen to my conversation. She would often interject her own thoughts, “Oh, I totally agree,” or correct something I said, “No, it was only five minutes, not ten.” I would ignore the comment and shoot her a look, but my point rarely got across. There was also the incessant questioning: “Who are you talking to,” “Where are you going,” and her all time favorite, “What are you doing?” I thought that because my parents were sixty kilometers away I wouldn’t have to answer to anyone, but Murni was extremely nosy. I didn’t like her attitude, so I moved out. Moving was the best choice I could have made.
    2. The paragraph of illustration
    Topic: expectations for student
    Most of teachers have expectations to their students. Teachers will set, explain and post classroom expectations. For example : follow classroom and school rules, be on time and prepared for class , be considerate, courteous and respectful , show respect for school property and the property of others, etc .These are designed to make it possible for teachers to teach and for students to learn in a safe, orderly and healthy environment. Teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents must work together as a team with a clear understanding of consistent standards and procedures. Teachers must teach students to be responsible, to make good choices, to respond to each other and to adults in appropriate ways.

  7. Dear Mr Parlin,

    Below is my mid term assignment :

    Topic Sentence : Disadvantage of Shopping by catalogue
    Shopping is a fun activity for some women. They are said that shopping can make them happy and healthy. When they are shopping, they must walk around the shopping centre. So, it’s the reason why I said that shopping can make them healthy. They can feel happy too because they can get their things that they want. But, nowadays many kinds of shopping style were offered by the seller like shopping by catalogue. There are many things in catalogue and we can choose from it and then, the seller will deliver to us. Simple system but, I think it still have many disadvantages. First, when we choose it from the catalogue, we don’t know how the things are. Sometimes, the things that were received by the buyer are different with the catalogue. Another reason is we can’t complain the problem in the same time because the process of sending package need a long time. Besides of that, there are still some problems in this way. The problem is about the price. Some seller doesn’t give cheap reason and the buyer can’t offer the price. Sometimes the sellers also decrease the price without notification. So, we can say nothing when they want to decrease the price. Besides of that, this system also can’t make us healthy because we can’t walk around the shopping centre but only sit in the chair and the things will come to us.

    Topics Sentence : The day of an important job interview
    When I want to start working, I tried to apply for a job in the some travel. First, I tried to apply in Dwidaya Tour & Travel but after I followed the test, the travel didn’t want to receive me. I felt very sad at that moment. Then my friend asked me to apply in Wita Tour & Travel. I got test and I felt that I can do the test well, but the travel didn’t give any respond again. The last, I tried to apply in a big travel, Anta Tour & Travel. Actually, I don’t have any expected in this job because; Anta is a big travel that has many experiences employee. After I applied, there was an event in my mother’s home. So, I come to my mother’s home in Jogjakarta. I arrived in there at 7 am. Then, at 11 am, I got telephoned from the Manager of Anta Tour & Travel. He said that I had to come to Anta Tour Travel the day after that day. I felt very happy and surprised when I hear that. After that, I felt upset because at that time, I still in Jogjakarta. So, it was meant that I had to back to Jakarta as soon as possible. Then, I talked to my uncle so that he can help me to get first ticket from Jogjakarta to Jakarta. I got the ticket for 6 pm so I can arrive in Jakarta at 4 am. I took the ticket and back to Jakarta. After I arrived in Jakarta, my cousin picked me up then accompanied me to my home. I just took a bath without take a rest after that my cousin accompanied me again to Anta Travel. Thanks God, I could follow the test well and I could answer the interview fluently. Then 2 days later, I got notification that I accepted by Anta Tour & Travel. I felt very happy and I promise to myself that I will work hard in there.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. Dear Sir,
    Below is my response to Mid-Term Assignments of Writing II.
    Narrative Paragraph

    What a Wonderful Night!

    It was the night before Valentine’s Day. My friend and I had just spent the whole day in Bandung. We were both really tired and it was becoming a long drive home. On the radio, we were listening Dahlia FM, which was playing nothing but commercials. Then the D.J. announced a chance to win Collective Concert Tickets. All I had to do was to be the caller of number fourteen. I called the radio station from my cell phone three times and only got a busy signal. I was about to give up when I decided to call one more time. To my surprise it was ringing. The D.J. answered the phone saying, “You’re the caller number fourteen, you just won Collective Concert Tickets!” The next night, my friend and I got to see the music concert at SABUGA, Bandung. It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had and finally she became my first girlfriend.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Below is my response to Mid-Term Assignments of Writing II.
    A paragraph of Illustration

    Film that Threaten My Life

    My least favorite genre of movies is horror films, because they are usually influential, disturbing, and depressing. To begin with, horror movies are too influential, which can cause people to do bad things. For example, I went to school with two friends who loved horror movies, especially movies that dealt with serial killers. One day these two classmates were caught with weapons and diaries that explained their plan to duplicate what they saw in some of the horror movies they watched. Another reason why I dislike horror movies is because they disturb me from my sleep due to the content of these films (ghosts, killers, monster’s etc). To illustrate, the other day, my two best friends invited me over to watch some scary movies. We watched “The Strangers” and “Paranormal” activity, and after we watched these films, I went home and did not sleep all night; I kept thinking that someone or something was in my house. Third, I do not like horror films because they are depressing; people always die in them, and I do not like to see that, especially if I already had a bad day. For instance, one day I had the worst day at work and school. When I came home, my roommate was watching a horror movie, and at least ten people died within the first 20 minutes. Seeing this did not make me feel any better but worse. To conclude, these are all the reasons why I dislike horror films.

  10. Dear Mr.Pardede
    This is my mid-test:

    1.Illustration: Advice to Friends.
    Everybody wants to have a lot of friends. Because a lot of advantages from it. So, how to be a good friend? Being a good friend is about being reliable, kind hearted and thoughtful. If you’re willing to be there through the hard times, stand up for your friend and to share your thoughts and cares with a friend, then you’ll develop and maintain a friendship that endures and is reciprocated in kind. One good friend is priceless and taking the time to fulfil your role in the friendship is worth every moment.

    2.Narration: The day I was faced with a death in the family.
    The hardest day happened in my life when my youngest brother died. He got cancer on his head and he was so suffered. It was really hard for me to realize how it could be happen, and why? I thought he was too young. It happened when I was in third grade of vocational school. Sometimes if I remember him I cannot receive that he has gone.


  11. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below is my mid-term assignment:

    1. The paragraph of illustration: A Passion for Reading
    My son, Fritsgeraldo is having a passion for reading. He can read a thick book about 200 pages around 2 hours and he can read book everywhere, even though in public transportation which is very crowded and cramped. He brings books everywhere and he can read 1 until 5 books every day. He loves science books, bible stories, math, biography, geography, comics, sports, social, cooking, etc, but he doesn’t like novel and creativity books. I don’t have to use my own money to get the books because I’m a librarian and I have a big budget every month to buy books. Therefore I can fulfill his passion in reading.

    2. The narrative paragraph: The Beginning of a Special Relationship
    Today was the beginning of a special relationship for Rini. She walked slowly down the aisle to the accompaniment of the song Ave Maria, while providing the best smile to all those present who witnessed the happy day. Her heart pounded because of nervous and happy. Then when she arrived at the altar, she was more nervous. Suddenly her lover’s hand clutching her hand, gave her confidence and composure to go forward. Finally, it was time for promises spoken, and looped rings, and they made it perfect, soon afterward tension were gone. She felt very happy because she was confident; from now on that hand will always be for her until death parted them.


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