Final Term Paragraph Writing Assignment

Dear all attendees of Writing 2. To fulfill the requirements for finishing the class, write a paragraph of  80-120 words for each of the following items. You are free to choose the topic you like most among the three offered in each item. Post all the eight paragraphs in the comment section below before Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 12:00 p.m. Good luck!

1. Paragraph of Illustration

  • Writing skills
  • English
  • Creativity

2. Narrative Paragraph

  • An unforgettable moment
  • A difficult or frustrating situation
  • The day I met my best friend

3. Descriptive Paragraph

  • My favorite room at home
  • The most beautiful city I have ever visited
  • The most difficult subject to study

4. Process Paragraph

  • How to enrich English vocabulary
  • How to deal with a difficult person
  • The best technique to clean a bedroom

5. Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast

  • Two politicians I admire most
  • American and Indonesia heroes
  • The concepts of beauty in two different cultures

6. Cause and Effect Paragraph

  • Working (college students)
  • Creative teaching
  • Traffic jam in Jakarta

7. Definition Paragraph

  • Success
  • Work ethic
  • Dream

8. Paragraph of Classification

  • Lecturers
  • Ideologies
  • TV Programs

10 thoughts on “Final Term Paragraph Writing Assignment

  1. Dear Mr Parlin,
    These are my assignment:
    1. Paragraph of Illustration
    Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. For example, reuse the plastic bag. Ways to reuse your plastic bag: one of the most popular ways to reuse plastic bags is to use them as a trash bag or place them in small trash barrels in the bathroom, bedrooms, cellar, and near the cat’s litter box.Another example is reuse your old food scraps by composting them. Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that is excellent for adding to houseplants or enriching garden soil. It is the way to recycle your yard and kitchen wastes, and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.
    2. Narrative Paragraph
    An unforgettable moment
    I had one unforgettable moment. It happened when I was in high school. One day; I was called for a meeting. All teachers and my friends were scowling at me. The teachers even punished me and asked me to stand on a chair with my eyes closed in the middle of the school yard. I had no idea why they were being so cruel to me. I was so sad that I couldn’t help crying .Then suddenly; I heard my teachers and friends sang “Happy Birthday”. After that, they showered me with water until I was soaking wet. Next, they took me and to my class. My classmates congratulated me and gave me present. I will very surprise. I’ll never forget that moment.
    3. Descriptive Paragraph
    My favorite room at home
    My bedroom is my favorite room in my house. I ‘m still satisfied with it. I like to do everything in there. Most of my furniture in the bedroom is made by wood that I like. In the center of my room, there is my bed. The bed is made of wood. There is a nice bed cover and a warm blanket on my bed. On the left side of my bed, there is a bookshelf. There is a big beautiful window that is decorated with a beautiful flower curtain above my headboard. My room is always full of pleasant smell because I regularly put dry perfume flower.
    4. Process Paragraph.
    How to enrich English vocabulary
    A good vocabulary is essential for efficient, effective communication.These are 3 acts that could help you to enrich your English vocabulary. First, love words. You have to really want to learn new vocabulary if you’re going to succeed. Second, read all genres of books. When you come across a word you don’t know, read the sentences around the word and try to figure out what it means from the context. Check your guess with a dictionary.And then, listen to the radio, watch television, or find a podcast that you like in English, and practice hearing the language, too.Finally, use the words you learn when you’re talking to people or writing letters or e-mail. Using your new vocabulary is not only fun, but a great way to remember all these new words. Try to use at least three new words a day when communicating with anyone.
    5. Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast
    The concepts of beauty in two different cultures
    Asian beauty varies according to the region, but two things are constant: Asian women share a love of beauty and take pride in their looks. And just as the Western world has adapted to all types of looks and features, so has Asia.Some of different concepts of beauty are : Eyes, As far south as India and as far north as China, the focus of beauty is surrounding the eyes. There are different eye shapes on the Asian subcontinent, ranging from slanted to almond-shaped, and they are typically accentuated by eyeliners and mascara. Eyebrows are often shaped naturally using a method called threading, which is popular in south Asia.Skin, In Asian culture, the lighter your skin is the more beautiful you are considered. Make up, North Asian make up is natural, with the only real color used being blush and lipstick. It is also usually dramatic around the eyes, where eyeliner and mascara, as well as a touch of natural shaded eye shadow, is used. In South Asia, makeup is normally dark colored, as the skin tones of natives there tend to be tan or dark. Lip color is normally nude, brown, burgundy or red, and eye shadow can be any color the woman is wearing that day.Hairstyle, Asians are trendy and tend to wear modern hairstyles. Women from the north may wear a bun, ponytail, long flowing locks, bob, messy curls, bed head style, pixie cut and braids. South Asians prefer to keep their hair long and flowing, so it is normally layered long and kept neat and straight or wavy.
    6. Cause and Effect Paragraph
    Working (college students)
    The evidence suggests that the effect of working while in college varies by the type of job held: full-time versus part-time, and on-campus versus off-campus. Negative effects typically arise because hours spent at work take time away from studying – which may lead to lower grades and less attractive post-college opportunities. Working may contribute to students dropping out of college, or taking a longer time to graduate. But student employment can also be a positive experience. For example, some workers may gain experience from their job that helps them in the classroom or in the labor market after college. On-campus jobs may also build connections to academic departments or the community at large, which in turn may make students more likely to stay in school.

    7. Definition Paragraph
    Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Opinions about the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and culture.The earliest recorded dreams were acquired from materials dating back approximately 5000 years, in Mesopotamia, where they were documented on clay tablets. In the Greek and Roman periods, the people believed that dreams were direct messages from the gods, or from the dead and that they predicted the future.Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. REM sleep is revealed by continuous movements of the eyes during sleep. At times, dreams may occur during other stages of sleep. However, these dreams tend to be much less vivid or memorable. Dreams can last for a few seconds, or as long as twenty minutes. People are more likely to remember the dream if they are awakened during the REM phase.
    8. Paragraph of Classification
    A lecture is an oral presentation intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher. There are three kinds of lecturer. First, regular lecturer is a lecturer who is appointed and placed as the power remains on a university or college. Second, extraordinary lecturers are professors who are not power remains on college. Third, guest lecturer is someone who was invited and appointed to be a lecturer in a college at a certain time period.

  2. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below are my Paragraphs:
    2. Narrative Paragraph
    An unforgettable moment
    This is the real story of my life. In 2005, when floating attacked Jakarta I was in my boarding house in Tebet and I’m safe from the float. Someday, I was waiting the driver to pick me up to the airport for duty. Long time I waited but the driver still not come then I called my office, I was scared if the airplane left me. They said that the driver could not reach me because almost all the way in Jakarta floated. I did not realize that the float extremely happened. So, could not do my duty. Then, I remember about my Mom. She lives alone in North Jakarta and I know that my home was often attacked float . I called home but no connections, I tried more but no result. I really worried about her then I decided to come to my house without any clues where she was. When I got off from a public transportation to take the last one to my house I saw my Mother and both of us was surprised. And I could saw her face was touchingly. I could not imagine if I did not see her. She told me that our house extremely floated and she wanted to move to my Father’s aunt house. We decided to stay one night there. Then, I took my Mom to my boarding house. This is my unforgettable coincidence but I believe there was God’s hands.

    3. Descriptive Paragraph
    My favorite room at home
    Although it is a small room, the most favorite room in my house is my bedroom,. It is 3×3 meter, with a king size bed. One medium size dressing table in a corner with a lot of things, like my make-up equipments, jewelry, books, a radio that often turn-on and a laptop. Sometime, it looks untidy if I do not spruce it. There is also an air conditioner ½ pk. I always feel comfort to stay a long and spend my leisure time with my family.

    4. Process Paragraph
    How to enrich English vocabulary
    It’s not easy to enrich English Vocabulary. It needs more effort, but, it’s not impossible to make it happened. There are a lot ways to do it. In the beginning, try to speak in English. Then, listen a lot of English songs. Next, read English books and try to write diary in English. Eventually, watch English movies. The last, if you meet foreigners, try to speak with them. All of these ways, enrich our English vocabulary that we don’t know before.

    7. Definition Paragraph
    What is your definition of success? You may not get the answers so quickly. Before you can achieve success, you need to define what success means to you. Unless you have a clear vision of what success is to you, you cannot work towards it.Success means different things to different people. For some, monetary reward is a measure of success. We weren’t successful when we had corporate careers and fancy things that our culture told us made us successful. Yet, others have multiple definition of success. To find your own definition of success you need to dig deep within yourself and question your values in life. Thus, success is comprised of three things: being happy with what you’re doing, constantly growing as an individual, and contributing to other people in meaningful ways. If these three things are present, then you’re successful.

  3. Below are my others four paragraph Sir,
    5. Paragraph of Illustration

    Creativity can be defined as a variety of purposes, one of them is to make money. There are so many creativity that we can see from people around us. For instance, the trend of housewife mothers who sell snacks, cakes or toys through virtual media. They sell traditional cakes, pastries or somewhat unique which are hard to find in a conventional sale or pastry shops. They even claim that the recipes are as hereditary recipes from family heritage. Likewise, children’s toys, they make creative toys for toddlers or small ornaments which are very attractive to girls, so when we see images or pictures that appear in the virtual media we are interested to order or even buy it. Creativity is everywhere, if you want to think and make it happen.

    6. Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast
    American and Indonesian Heroes
    Although America and Indonesia have many heroic figures, but also have many differences. Many of the hero of a famous fairy tale in Indonesia ranging from puppet characters such as Gatot Kaca, Hanoman, Batara Guru, Batara Indra or another character which is very popular among the general public such as Si Pitung of Batavia, or Gundala Putra Petir, Wiro Sableng, and many more. They are the defenders of the truth originated from Indonesia. Unfortunately these figures are less or even not popular among both children and adults today. While heroic figures from America such us Spiderman, Superman, Superwoman, Batman, Robin Hood who are so familiar with Indonesian children. Although they are figures of defenders of truth, but heroic figures from Indonesia are not as popular as heroic figures from America. The Heroes of the truth of Indonesia lost in the process of improvisation as well as the introduction and promotion by figures from America. In addition, heroic figures from the United States periodically to see fans in the form of a very good movie and futuristic. While heroic figures from Indonesia can be seen only in comic books form, and even then had not been updated or in the form of a cartoon with a low quality of pictures, that is why they are unpopular in our own country. Hopefully, in the future many great directors who are willing to make interesting films, so the Indonesian communities in love with their own heroes.

    7. Cause and Effect Paragraph
    Traffic Jam in Jakarta

    There are three factors causing congestion in Jakarta. The first cause is there is no control from the government regarding the number of new car ownership. Vehicle ownership per population should be controlled by the government, so the number of vehicles circulating on the streets not too much. Although there is the discourse of the government’s progressive tax which will be prevailed for owners of motor vehicles, but this news has not been able to be said as an effective solution. The second cause is many roads are damaged. For instance, on the road of Sudirman street which congestion that can not be avoided happens every day. The third cause is public transportation. For instance, Busway or Trans Jakarta have not been able to meet the standard of people’s needs both in terms of quantity and other supporting infrastructure, not to mention in terms of security so that it makes people reluctant to use this facility. This has a direct impact on traffic congestion in Jakarta. Passengers prefer to jam the streets rather than risking life and their safety or their families when using public transportation. In short, drive orderly to reduce congestion in Jakarta.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Below are my responses to the final assignment of Writing II.
    1. Narrative
    An unforgettable moment

    One of the most unforgettable moment is when I have my first baby. It happened 24 years ago. Actually, it’s not the actual time my baby to be born, I still had to wait 2 or 3 weeks. But my baby was born more quickly because of my food poisoning. Two days before laboring day, my husband came home from Makassar, he brought grilled milk fish, yellow spice steamed milk fish and soft bones milk fish. So, we ate the same meal, which was milk fish, for two consecutive days. I did not know if it’s one of the fish was poisonous or indeed because I ate most of them, but I suddenly threw up and my stomach was in pain, like having cramps. Because I couldn’t take it anymore, my husband took me to hospital. Even I kept vomiting when the doctors took care of me in ER. Not longer, my water broke and doctor said I had to labor my baby that day. I was really in pain because of the treatment and medicines. I am telling you, it’s so painful that I was begging for forgiveness. I was relieved when I could labor our first baby without surgery. The most grateful thing was that both baby and I survived. I was healed from the poisoning and the baby could be born in healthy condition even he had to be put in incubator for several days.

    2. Descriptive Paragraph
    The most beautiful city I have ever visited

    Four years ago, I was assigned by my office for an event. I had to visit four cities for that event, Jakarta, Bali, Makassar and Aceh. I spent eight days for the tour. Aceh is the most interesting one for me to visit because I felt something different about this city, or it because of my first visit. At the time I visited Aceh, tsunami disaster has passed for two years. When I looked at Aceh from the airplane, it looked confusing. From the above, it looked something blinking down there, at first I did not know what it is. Then, I realized it was the reflection of the zinc roofs of houses which had just completed the renovation. The new houses looked nice and well-organized. Thus the scenery was really beautiful from the up in the air, sparkling among the trees on a verdant hill. After landing on the narrow airport, we headed to the hotel. Along the way, I noticed the beauty of the landscape, through rice fields, hills and swamps. When we reached the centre of the city, it’s too quiet for the size of the capital of a province and there is no traffic jam. We stayed in 5-star hotel. There were a lot of meetings with expatriates who were the consultants of NGOs and countries which fund the tsunami victim relief. The women have to wear a veil when taking a walk outside the building. Otherwise they will get punished by the soldiers, or sharia police who patrolled every day. The other contrasting scenery was there were many coffee shops along the road. The coffee shops were packed from morning to night. Although the kiosks were very simple, the coffee was really tempting to coffee drinker. The strange thing is that we could find neither cinemas nor malls. It was four years ago though. I do not know if there are any changes now. But that’s a very different city that I visited. May Aceh soon recover and rise from the disaster that was so terrible. Amen

    3. Process Paragraph
    The best technique to clean a bedroom

    Step by step how to clean up a bedroom. First, remove all unused items, such as dirty clothing, blankets if any. Open sheets, and pillowcases that will be replaced. Second, wipe or clean the tables, chairs and drawing or painting in the room. Third, sweep and mop the floor. Sweep back after the floor is dry. The last, replace the sheets and pillowcases.

    4. Definition Paragraph
    Some people define success as acquiring great wealth, holding a high-level position in a career, receiving good grades or winning the game. When you read a dating profile of someone in the personal ads or on the Internet, ever wonder what it means when someone says their looking for a “successful person?” What does that success entail? The only true way to define success is to define it for yourself instead of letting the expectations for success be determined by your family, your culture, society, or anyone else. You can’t think of yourself as successful if you’re unable to define it. And even if others see you as successful, but you don’t, then this idea of success is simply a façade. So to be successful, define it for yourself.

  5. Dear Mr.Parlin,,Here are My Final Assignments

    1. Paragraph of Illustration
    As we know now in Indonesia, Girl or Boy Band is popular among the young people. As one of their classic is dancing or bring their outside look as well. When we talked about band, it is presented with many kinds of music instruments and we put the effort to make the music to be something nice to hear. Indonesian’s young generation should have that sense of creativity, I believe. But what we have now is, young people who imitates what’s popular in another country. They had loses their creativity to stand as a young generation who had been gifted a talent to be creative at musical area. But of course, to be creative, someone needs to explore and practices their skills too.

    2. Paragraph of Narrative
    The Unforgetable Moment
    It was late at night, 10pm on December 31st 2010. I was having a late dinner with some of my friend from the Church after we had New Year’s Eve Church Service. That day was also our first BAND show at the Church and I am one of the singer. There are 7 seven of us, 3 of them are male. Actually, we should had our time with our own family at home especially for us whose parents are north Sumatra’s people. But, we were there, enjoying our dinner, chats and jokes together. As the time goes, we were talking on what will be our next goal in 2011. We started to shares the goals, each on of us got a chance to talked. It is unforgetable, because that is my first time to be outside the house during New Year’s Eve. And I supposed, it is also the last.

    3. Paragraph of Descriptive
    The Favorite Room at Home.
    My bedroom, one of the rooms that I have at home. It is 4×3 meter big with one King size bed. One Big wardrobe to keep my clothes, a table and chair for me to do my work with the laptop and, a big window helps the exchanging air. It is nice to be in my bedroom, I do my reading activity, making a birthday cards or a scrap frame and a peacceful time to talk to God in my bedroom. My bed, I love to sleep on it since it is big with a big pillow too.

    4. Process Paragraph
    The Best Technique To Clean a Bedroom
    A bedroom is a place which I believe people want it to be clean. I am one of the person, who always want my bedroom to be clean. When come to it, I will start with choosing a free time for me to get my self to clean the bedroom. The first theing to do is, cleaning the bed by tiding up the bedcover, pillows and bolsters. Then, I will go to my table, where I always put papers, books and my laptop, clean it up by putting it in proper. If theres a clothes hanging on the hook, I will take it and put it inside the washing bucket. After that, I check my cosmetics area which I put it on top of the small table, tidy up the unproper things. Finishing touch is by sweeping and moping the floor.

    5. Comparison and Contrast
    American and Indonesian Heroes
    There are lots of Indonesian heroes, some of the names are; Bang Pitung, Pangeran Diponegoro and Imam Bonjol. They were named as a hero because of the things that they did for the country. It is well known that heroes are willing to sacrifice anything to fulfill the justice. Similar to the American heroes, some names are; George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr and Audie Murphy. The heroes were having the same aim, they were nerved to present a freedom without being pay in return. Even though, American and Indonesia heroes coming from a different cultures which affect the way they dressed, both were defended their country justice.

    6. Cause and Effect
    Working (College Student)
    It is my own experience to be brought here to share. I have been working ever since I had graduates from highschool, if we put it into numbers it is 8 years. By the 6th years, I had my dream came true to have myself to go to college and enjoy the education. It is not as easy as I thought, where I have to put lots of effort to manage my time with the things to do at working place and college. I was desperately losing my faith in finising the task from the lecturer. There are many consequences I should take, I lose my Saturday time, money matter since I have to saved it to pay the tuition fees and of course I should have another job to gain more money by teaching as a private teacher. However, I take this as a part of my life that can’t be replace with anything. I am enjoying this and feel grateful for it.

    7. Definition
    There is a wish that most people want to have when they enter a new year, wish to be success in everything. Success is the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to get. We can think of success as the achievement of something we have been dreaming or a good result from something that we’ve been planning. There are also lots of definition of success, different people have a different meaning of success. Success is also related to someone’s life principles. Becoming reach and famous is the charecteristics of success.

    8. Classification
    TV Programs
    There are soap opera, quiz, and headline news, and these TV programs are difined by the level of qualities. We might watch a soap opera by engaging our feelings, so when the story become melancoly we could drop our tears. Quiz in TV program, could give us more information from the question that they give during the performance. A headline news is bring us to see more in what was happening in the world and give us lessons to learn.

  6. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below are my final assignments:

    1. Paragraph of Illustration: Creativity
    To be a good and interesting teacher, he/she needed creativity. To illustrate, in gathering the material, teacher must be creative in finding a support material which is up-to-date and interesting for students. Another example, in presenting the subject matter if only to read and explain the contents of a text book as done in previous teacher will only make the students bored and sleepy, for it takes whether creativity through illustrations, drawings, and may also be able to make use of audio visual . Creativity in gathering and presenting the material is the key to the success of a teacher in teaching.

    2. Narrative Paragraph: An unforgettable moment
    The moment that I can’t forget is when my mother died. That afternoon after work I went to the hospital. This became my routine for almost a month, since my mother adjudged of acute cirrhosis. Before the bath I approached him, she wiped my face and said: ‘You tired taking care of me’. I am silent and smiled while stroked his hand. Out of the shower I saw nurse came to check my mother, this was unusual. Then I knew that my mother’s condition worsen, but she was not in pain, just sleeping. I called my husband and sons to come to the hospital. First my sons, the priest and then her personal doctor came. Finally my husband came; he talk to my mother, then when we sang her favorite song that heaven is the goal, she gone like sleeping.

    3. Descriptive Paragraph: The most beautiful city I have ever visited
    Singapore is the most beautiful city I have ever visited which is magnificent, neat, and clean. The most interesting for me is Universal Studios Singapore stands in the area of Resort World Sentosa. It is divided into 7 zones, Madagascar, the Palace of Far-Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi and the last two zones is Hollywood and New York. Another place that is not less beautiful is the Marina Bay with The Sands Sky Park with unique architecture; stretching over three Marina Bay Sands hotel tower with a height of 200 meters is slightly higher than the Eiffel tower. A link colorful swimming pool stretches across the three hotel towers, with infinite edge overlooking the city center.

    4. Process Paragraph: How to enrich English vocabulary
    To enrich the vocabulary in English required perseverance and process. The old way is often used is to memorize the words and their meanings, this is less well in English because some words have different meanings in sentences. There are some interesting ways to increase vocabulary in English. The first is through song’s lyrics in English. Look for songs that you like and the lyrics, then find out the meaning. This is very interesting because you can sing while learning to understand its meaning. Secondly is by reading the English texts. Look for interesting reading, such as story books, biography, newspapers or magazines in English. Finally is watching television or movies in English. You can try to understand what was said and how to say. All of the above will work well if you try to use them.

    5. Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast: American and Indonesia heroes
    Hero is someone who stands out as the courage and sacrifice in the defense of truth, a brave warrior. Since ancient picture of a hero to people of Indonesia is a person with a posture that is not too large, has a supernatural power and courage, with simple weapons or none at all. Meanwhile American hero image is often a big guy, has the ability to use self defense and a good weapon. But after all the physical form and abilities, a hero of Indonesia and America are the ones who are brave and willing to make sacrifices to defend the truth.

    6. Cause and Effect Paragraph: Traffic jam in Jakarta
    Traffic jam seems to have become commonplace in Jakarta. The cause of traffic jam in Jakarta is the volume of new two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles) and four-wheel (cars) continues to grow and very high, while the road is now inadequate, although built many fly over and under passes. Restrictions on private vehicles must be accompanied by an increase in the quality of existing public transport facilities, such as city buses, Electric Rail train (KRL) and other public transport. If the public transportation in Jakarta is more feasible and convenient, then people will not hesitate to leave their personal vehicles. The government should also conduct new vehicle restrictions if they want to tackle traffic jam in Jakarta.

    7. Definition Paragraph: Dream
    The dream is reflecting feelings and desires of man, though unconscious. Some people think the dream is just flower beds. But many also think the dream is an omen. Like Joseph and Daniel in the Old Testament, they are given the ability to interpret the meaning of dreams. In the New Testament God also gave instructions to Joseph and the Magi in a dream. As Christians in response to the dream we should not behave like a man ‘outside God’. Never try to find the meaning of dreams, whether through the horoscope, predictions, etc.. If God speaks through dreams, there will be affirmation, bringing peace, and certainly not against the Word of God.

    8. Paragraph of Classification: TV Programs
    Television shows in Indonesia are classified into 4 groups. The first is the A (Anak), impressions for children under the age of 12 years. Secondly is the R (Remaja), impressions for adolescents aged 12-18 years. The third is the D (Dewasa), impressions for adults. Finally is the SU (Semua Umur), impressions for all age. In particular for Child and / or Teens who need direction and guidance of parents were given an additional warning in encoded form BO (Bimbingan Orangtua) the A-BO or R-BO. By the classification code, we can select the proper spectacle for our children. At least we prevent them to watch impressions and education that is not good.


  7. Dear Sir,
    Below are my responses to the final assignment of Writing II.

    1. Paragraph of Illustration
    • The Importance of English Language
    English language has the significant importance in today’s life. The language of English is also known as the first language of the countries the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America, of Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Now English language used as the second language Worldwide commonly considered as the universal language. For instance, when the first time I met my adopted father from Switzerland we talked in English so we could understand each other. I also discovered that I could go online and talk or chat in English with my pen pals from all over the world. In addition, I am able to teach English to my students, and run my own English language course. Another example is I could read all interesting books like novels, comics, literatures, and many more in English version. To sum up, if you are able to master English language, not only to communicate well, but also you can make a living.

    2. Narrative Paragraph
    • The day I met my best friend

    What a Wonderful Night!

    It was the night before Valentine’s Day when I met my best friend, Anita. We had just spent the whole day in Bandung. We were both really tired and it was becoming a long drive home. On the radio, we were listening Dahlia FM, which was playing nothing but commercials. Then the D.J. announced a chance to win Collective Concert Tickets. All I had to do was to be the caller of number fourteen. I called the radio station from my cell phone three times and only got a busy signal. I was about to give up when I decided to call one more time. To my surprise it was ringing. The D.J. answered the phone saying, “You’re the caller number fourteen, you just won Collective Concert Tickets!” The next night, my friend and I went to see the music concert at SABUGA, Bandung. It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had and finally she became my first girlfriend.

    3. Descriptive Paragraph
    My favorite room at home

    My favorite room at home is my bedroom on the second floor of my house. The room–sized is about five by four meters. The walls are painted white so it looks bright. There are two doors made of teak wood. The first door painted dark brown which looks very sturdy as a place to go in and out of my room. Whereas, the second painted light brown as a place to go in and out of balcony. As I enter my room, there is a single white light bulb hung from the high ceiling, while on the left side there is a three feet high mirror, heart – shaped and framed old brown teak wood which has six drawers. On the left of the mirror, there is a six feet high cream – colored wardrobe as a place to store and hung my clothes. On the left of the wardrobe, there is a knee high red – colored small table as a place to put my netbook and some books. On the left of the small table there are two mattresses covered with quilt white stripes, there two pillows and two bolsters. Right in front of the two mattresses, there is a 32 inches LCD TV with a black frame which is put on top of a glass table box. Right on the wall behind the TV there is an orange – colored clock which written on it “Teh Botol Sosro” because it was a gift from PT.Sosro tbk. In short, I have never seen room as comfortable as my bedroom, so I really love it.

    4. Process Paragraph
    How to Enrich English Vocabulary
    There are three steps how to enrich English Vocabulary. First step, learn prefixes and suffixes. Many words in the English language come from Latin or Greek words. When you combine these Latin or Greek words, you get new words in English. For example, a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word to make a new word, in the word ‘unimportant’, ‘un-‘ is a prefix. A letter or group of letters added at the end of a word to make a new word, the suffix ‘-ness’ added to the end of the word ‘sweet’ forms the word ‘sweetness’. Second step, if you learn any romance language (eg: French, Spanish, Italian), or Latin or Ancient Greek, these will help you immensely with improving your vocabulary, especially the two ancient languages here because so many complicated English words are derived from words that are simple and commonly used in them. The last step, find a friend who speaks English. It’s good to practice using new words. With a web connection, your conversation partner does not need to live near you. You can email, chat, and even phone each other using computers. A friend who understands that you are learning can help you practice, use new words in your conversations, and offer you advice. Since talking to a friend is fun, it won’t feel like work! If your friend wants to learn your language, too, it will be easier for both of you to understand each other’s mistakes. So, if you follow these steps you can enrich your English vocabulary in just a few weeks.

    5. Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast
    • Two politicians I admire most

    Rano Karno and Angelina Sondakh, are the two politicians I admire most. They started their careers from different background. Rano Karno started his career in the field of film as an actor who is quite famous in this Indonesia, while Angie as nickname of Angelina Sondakh, started her career from the world of fashion, she even ever won the crown as Miss of Indonesia. In dress, Rano Karno usually wears ordinary clothes and doesn’t look too fancy. Whereas, Angelina Sondakh, always wears modern clothes which look fancy, fashionable, and glamorous. I have even ever heard that Angie has her private designers who design the patterns of her glamorous clothes. In delivering the opinion or speaking in public, Rano Karno prefers to speak his own opinions frankly and openly, while Angie rarely provides her opinions when interviewed by journalists perhaps to avoid mistakes in giving comments. Although they do not know me, but I still idolize them because they have exceptional talent in the field of film, fashion, and politics.

    6. Cause and Effect Paragraph
    • Traffic jam in Jakarta

    There are two causes that lead to traffic jam in Jakarta. The first, the volume of vehicles exceeds the capacity of available roads. There are vehicles on the roads that only transport one person each, or less than three persons, there is no the limitation of vehicle ownership, and people are not aware of using public transportation. The huge number of vehicles contributes to the worsening traffic congestion, especially in the morning and afternoon peak hours. Of course, it wastes our time. The condition will take hours and it makes many people frustration. The last, indiscipline drivers, many drivers don’t obey the traffic rules, they stop wherever they want, use low speed in wrong way, ignore the traffic light, and drivers of public transportations feel as a king on the street, they take and drop passengers down in wrong place. Therefore, begin to discipline yourself in a drive to reduce congestion.

    7. Definition Paragraph
    • Success

    Success means that the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for. Success can be expanded to encompass an entire project or be restricted to a single component of a project or task. It can be achieved within the workplace, or in an individual’s personal life. For example, if an individual’s personal goal is to be accepted in a new career, success would occur after the individual has been officially accepted into his or her new place of employment. The term of success can also be used to describe a person that has achieved his or her personal, financial or career goals, or someone who has more objects, money or any other desirable items relative to another individual like a professional athlete. A dictionary can give you a definition of success, but real success is only determined by you.

    8. Paragraph of Classification
    • TV Programs
    Basically, TV programs can be divided into three categories according to their content. The first is news program. This content are all about news. These programs are usually shown at lunch or dinner time. In this category we are likely to watch the show about what happens around the world, status of the economics, or even weather prediction. The second is entertainment programs. These programs comprise comedy shows, movie shows, and game shows. Comedy shows commonly are the most favorite for many people. People are not reluctant to watch this kind of TV programs with their family, their friends. Another kinds of entertain programs is movie shows. The best choice for you to release your tension is settling yourself on a chair and watching a movie shows which can help relieve your mind and easily drive you into a dream. The programs which are considered that they make up most of anyone’s TV time are advertisement programs. Advertisement programs are inserted discretely into the other shows or in a bad day, it can be shown continuously. When you are watching a movie, a game show, you always be disturbed by many advertisements. It can be a car advertisement, groceries or even a condom advertisement. It is very annoying for most audiences, however ad programs is indispensable for TV producer. They are the main financial source of every TV companies. Without them, every other TV shows will not have enough money to keep going. Because of this harsh fact, advertisement programs are the most important part of entire TV industry. To sum up, the best advice is choosing suitable programs to watch, can be news programs who wants to update information, entertainment programs who wants to relax or advertisement programs who wants to buy something.

  8. Dear Mr. Parlin,
    Below are my paragraphs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all my fellas.
    🙂 Enjoy:

    1. Illustration:
    Writing Skills
    Writing skills is an interesting skill in language. When I learned writing for the first time, I found many difficulties because I didn’t know how to expand my writing. Until one day I became English teacher, I couldn’t avoid it anymore. So, I bought some books about writing and studied it by myself. There are many components of writing skills which relate with other skills like reading, speaking and listening. The most important thing is to get ideas for writing. The ideas can come up from books I read or conversation I listen to, or even from my favorite songs. After getting ideas, automatically I put my attention to the next step of writing, such as main idea and the details of information to share. The more I try the more I get to know all the writing components, such as coherence and word choice. Without realizing it, I have improved my vocabulary and structure skills. Now, I am able to edit other essays. I think writing skills is very interesting because it helps you to learn the other skills of language indirectly.

    2. Narrative:
    The Day When I Met Zach
    I met my best friend Zach for the first time when I moved to my new house in Framingham and got my knee injury. I didn’t really understand many things at that time. What I could remember at that time was I moved from Indonesia to Boston, stayed in hotel for months and now I was here, staying in a house. The house was different from my house in Indonesia. It’s not big, but everything was in order and nice. And the neighborhood totally looked different. The road is clean. I didn’t see many cars passing by and children can ride bike safely. When I got off from the car, I saw a little boy who seemed at the same age as me. He looked at me and my family from his house window. When the workers got the furniture off from the truck, he ran from inside his house and said hello to my mom. My mom was happy to see someone saying hello. And he offered help to take the furniture in. With no hesitations, he grabbed a small table and brought it in. I didn’t want to stay still. I did the same thing as he did. But I didn’t pay attention to the steps and I fell down. My left knee hit the stone step in our porch. I was ashamed to cry, so I just stood up and went inside the house. The boy was screaming and pointed at my knee. My mom was panicked. I didn’t really feel anything at that time but I felt like water flowing down to my leg. When I looked down, my left sock was full of blood. The boy ran outside and in a second he came with a big guy. I think it’s his dad. And he held me and ran to his car and took me to hospital. I felt hurt when the wound was stitched. But the boy and his dad were there, so I tried not to cry. After that, he introduced his name, Zach. And I knew his dad’s name was Andrew, my dad’s co-worker. And I became happier because I went to the same school as Zach. He helped me a lot when I need to stay for recovery and adjusted to new school environment. Since then, we become best friend until now.

    3. Descriptive:
    Paris is The Most Beautiful City To Be Visited
    I haven’t gone to many cities, but I think Paris is the most beautiful city to be visited. Besides its gorgeous views, Paris offers all kinds of tourisms sites you want. Paris is an old city where develops itself to get more visitors. When I was a child, my parents took me to vineyard farm where I could enjoy the view and saw the wine barn. It’s very interesting. I also remember when my dad took me to Strasbourg, a city where mostly European Union community events happen. It is also known as Parliament city because most of governmental central offices. In Strasbourg, I took a boat to go around the city through river. It was a great boat trip I had in Paris. Besides the views, of course tourists will not miss old buildings and museums in Paris, such as Eiffel Tower where they can see the whole Paris from up and enjoy their relaxed day in the park. The Louvre is the heaven for people who love art. Château de Versailles and Château de Chambord are castles where people who love for history and Renaissance architecture can spend their days there. For children, visiting Disneyland is the most looking for trip! To get more visitors, in 21st century, there are some more amusement parks for children, like Parc Astérix and Futurescope theme park. Not to mention annual events, such as fashion and art exhibition make Paris always gets world’s attention. Its smart tourism strategy make Paris be the most beautiful place to be visited, at least for me.

    4. Process:
    Cleaning Up My Bedroom
    I can tell you that in my busy days I don’t really have much time to clean my room. Everything is in rush and I just scatter my belonging in my bedroom. When I feel more relaxed, I realized that my room is messed up! These are what I usually do when I clean my bedroom. I start from my wardrobe. I put all my clothes in my bed. Then I order them based on the theme. It can be color theme, the use theme, and season theme. After that I put them in my wardrobe back. The next thing I do is take all my bags and all papers on table and sort the bills as well as important notes. After throwing all papers waste into garbage plastic bag, I work on my study table. I roll all wires or cables and put in the place; I arrange back the stationary and throw the waste; and I arrange books back in the shelf. If I still find any paper or plastic waste, I put them in the garbage bag. The last zone which can take longer time is my dressing table. There are many small things on it, like facial cleaner, make up tools, and kinds of brush. I group them and dust the dressing table. Finally, I dust all furniture, change my bed sheets, arrange all pillows and cushion, sweep and mop the floor. The last touch, I put two or three scented candles in my room.

    5. Compare and Contrast
    The Concept of Beauty Between Chinese and Ashanti Tribe Women
    Each ethnic has its own concept of beauty. The concept of beauty for Chinese women is different from Ashanti women. The meaning of beauty can be viewed from society concept and physical appearance concept. The concept of beauty for Chinese women has influenced by Taoist and Confucian philosophy. In society, which is patrilineal lineage, men and the elders are superiors. Women must a woman must consider her position, like whether she is elder or you pay respect to them by following what they say. We can say that women don’t have any position in society, but giving birth to sons only. They have to labor son and the maximum number of children is two. So, when a woman gives birth to a baby girl, mostly it is considered to be ashamed. So, a beautiful woman is considered as a soft, shy-looked, and has high tone in speaking. It shows that kind of woman satisfy her husband in marriage. On the other hand, Ashanti tribe believes in matrilineal lineage. Women have a great deal of freedom and are highly respected. Women are treated like a doll which they are pimped glamorously and mostly do nothing. Children get status from mom’s side. But they still get the royal title from dad’s side. Men still have their responsibilities to their children by giving them education and take care of children’s marriage. The women give social status to their children, yet royal titles are still received from men’s side. The concept of beauty of physical appearance is also determined strongly in both ethnics. For Chinese in ancient time, women coming from high-class society and royal family had to bind their feet into tiny shoes. It showed that they were different from common women. A straight shiny thick long black hair is beautiful according to Chinese women. In modern time, the concept of beauty for women has been replaced by western style. Now, Chinese women consider tall thin body, big eyes, fair skin, and pointed nose as beautiful appearance. It’s totally different from Ashanti women who keep the concept of beauty as shown at Akuaba, the Ashanti figure. Based on Akuaba, beautiful women of Ashanti have black skin with average height. Beautiful women have flat-shaped head, high forehead, flat nose, and small mouth. They also have slender neck wrapped by a stack of rings, small round breasts, and free-standing body. The figure symbolizes the concept of beauty. For example, the figure doesn’t have ears and has small mouth. It means that a beautiful woman should not listen anything and les talk. So, beauty consider differently for each ethnic. It depends how we look the meaning of beauty itself on us.

    6. Cause & Effect:
    Creative Teaching
    Teaching is an art. Imagine if you teach your students without any souls and variations, then they will get bored easily, and even they don’t understand your teaching objectives. Being a teacher, you should be ready to use any teaching strategies needed, be creative in preparing teaching aids, and give proper test based on your students’ competence. Each student has its own special character as learning potential. And students can be grouped based on level of absorbance, like slow, average, and fast. When you start your class, please pay attention to your students’ potential and absorbance group within four to six weeks. Then you will know which students belong to which groups. In that way, you can use appropriate teaching strategies and help them to find their strengths and weaknesses in learning. By the time of learning process, students acknowledge their weaknesses and try to deal with it. Teaching aids, such as video clips or short movies, hands-in tools, pictures or photos, and fieldtrip or outdoor activities help teachers to make class lively and encourage students’ curiosity in learning. When students feel happy and enjoy learning, they are curious to know more about it and want to get more information. So, students can be more observant in searching information. From some information, they will analyze the red line of the topic. And the last, they can share their findings or opinions to peers. Students can start having class discussion. So, through teaching aids, teacher can help students to learn more independently. At the end of topic discussion, teacher usually gives quizzes or tests to check students’ understanding. The quizzes and tests should not make students under pressure. Teacher can design test problem in games pattern or fun activities. Students mostly tend to study more if they find things interesting to do. It is not formal test format, but as the impact, students learn more because it’s for them. Creative teaching helps teacher and students to have more fun learning time and definitely happy atmosphere.

    7. Definition:
    Work Ethic
    Working people, usually the practitioners — teachers, lawyers, doctors, and accountant – meet the term of work ethic in working environment. There are a couple definitions of work ethic shared here. First is the view that one’s duty and responsibility is to achieve success through hard work and thrift. This definition emphasizes that people should take full responsibility to what he does to reach success. When people take responsibility, they know what their job description and do actions based on institutions regulations and policy, both written and unwritten. The other definition is a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character. This definition emphasizes on the importance of working with good trustworthy to build good characters. At the end it is expected that the institution goals are be achieved. How importance of one’s work and the moral expected are also found in institution regulations and policy, both written and unwritten. So, basically two definitions talk about written and unwritten regulations and policy to achieve success. The fact is that there are people who cross work ethic, especially unwritten ones as a way to take advantages. As a result, decent people who work based on rules, mostly the ones who should take responsibility or take the consequence of it. Is it fair? O course no. As conclusion, people need to work together to build trust and reach team success as part of your own success.

    8. Classification:
    TV programs
    TV has become one of the popular mean of communication in society. As one-way communication tool, TV transfers information effectively to people around the world. TV programs can be classified into three categories and each of categories has its own specialty. Educational programs are programs which give more important information which can educate people to give some suggestions for improvement. There are many TV programs under this category, such as news, talk shows, nature discovery and exploration, and educative short clips or shows for children. The characters of it are informative and interesting to watch. The TV programs display good quality and details pictures to support the explanation. Moreover, they are special categorized more based on age. The second category is entertainment. There are various TV programs under this category. Quizzes, movies, movie series, reality shows, and music belong to this category. The characters are easy to digest, entertained, amusing, and relaxing. People who feel tired after work, or have bad mood day, can be entertained by such TV programs. The third category is advertising. TV is not alive without this category. There are two kinds of advertising showed on TV: short clip and home shopping advertising. Both allow people to buy more goods with a thought of gaining plus points. The aims of TV advertising nowadays are to inform the latest product, new facts about product and sometimes show society product care, such as giving health information and saving nature energy. Even though watching TV is a cheap entertainment and information tool at home, still, people should be wise to choose what they watch.

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