2. Scientific Writings Structure


Parlindungan Pardede

Christian University of Indonesia

e-mail: parlpard2010@gmail.com


Scientific articles are the ‘storehouses’ of scientific researches results plus the procedures used to make those researches. They are written to provide a means for scientists to communicate each other about the results of their researches. To make the communication effective, the media (manuscripts) must have a standardized framework so that the authors could present their findings and ideas in an orderly, logical manner. This paper introduces the generic structure of scientific articles written based on actual and relevant studies. Discussions are focused on the stereotyped sections the articles and their features as well. By being more familiar with those things, readers are expected to have clearer idea for writing journal articles. In this paper, the term scientific article is used interchangeably with manuscript, scientific paper, journal article, research paper, or research article.

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