3. Mid-Term Essay

Hi, all attendees of my Writing 3 Class,

Please post your edited mid-term essay in the “reply” section below this post.

Good luck,

Parlin Pardede


6 thoughts on “3. Mid-Term Essay

  1. Dear sir,
    Below is my edited-mid term essay of writing III

    Ideas for Improving Education in Indonesia

    We can’t win the future if we lose the race to educate our children. Can’t do it. In today’s economy, the quality of a nation’s education is one of the biggest predictors of a nation’s success. It is what will determine whether the Indonesia’s dream survives. Development in education changes overtime and the need of the human resources increases. Therefore, we need to consider furthermore about improving quality of education. For all these reasons, to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, we should fight corruption and increase the professionalism of teachers and educators.

    Ministry of Education is the most corrupted government institution in our educational system. Corruption in education conducted jointly in various levels starting from school level until the department. Perpetrators ranging from teachers, principals, bureaucrats, and so on into the network of corruption. Schools are expected to be a fortress of defense who uphold the values of honesty instead of showing corrupt practices to students. Corruption is related to funds derived from the government and the funds withdrawn directly from the public. Fuzziness in the system budget that allows financing practicing principals Dual System. For example, the operational funds that have been budgeted purchases from government funds charged back to the community. The more the collapsed ranking Indonesian human resources, our only regret is not necessary, but make it as motivation to rise from adversity. If the condition need to be changed, from now on we should fight the corruptors and they must get the punishment they deserve.

    Building such a future requires more than just investments in technology and manufacturing, we also need to increase the professionalism of teachers and educators.
    Curriculum and school management as well as any guidelines would be meaningless if not handled by a professional teacher. Therefore professionalism demands on teachers who frequently asked the world community business / industry, legislative, and government is a natural thing to be addressed in a wise and prudent.
    The concept of the professional teacher is always associated with insight and knowledge about educational policy, teaching and learning theory, research, evaluation of learning, educational leadership, management of classroom as well as information and communication technology. This phenomenon indicates that the quality of professionalism of our teachers are still low. Internal factors such as income teacher who has not been able to meet the physiological needs and the profession is still considered a determinant factor. As a result, efforts to increase knowledge and insight to be blocked because of the inability of teachers financially in the development of human resources through increased levels of education. However, the phenomenon shows that educators in schools are still many who do not meet these requirements. This indicates that teachers’ jobs very easy to entered by anyone.

    Improving the quality of education in Indonesia depends not only on people who act as decision makers but also on educators. Criminals or corruptors should be dealt with firmly, so they are wary. We should work together to fight any kinds of corruption. Don’t let them agitate us just for money. For those who work as educators don’t let yourself left behind, keep moving to encourage yourself to gain the better skills in teaching students. Be the best of the best educators.

  2. The Blessings of Being a Woman

    Living single for women seems good idea when they have been settled with their career. Honestly, I used to be one of them, until I realized that my good friends are married and we can’t hang out as often as we did. I was trying to find new buddies, but still it’s not the same. Then I looked at my family. I have many nephews and nieces, and I thought I would be okay. Well, it’s not entirely true because in the future they will have their own life as well, and I will end up alone again. So, there’s a moment I thought about this seriously. I realize that a woman can’t stay single because of her presence to complete a man’s life, to be the heart of family and to support the next generation existence.

    I think a woman and a man complete each other. I noticed there are things that women can do better than men and vice versa. A woman is able to do some tasks at the same time. For example, she can cook while watching a TV program. Even she still can pay attention to sound of vegetables seller in front of her house. Meanwhile, a man only focuses on a task, finishes it first, and then goes on with the next task. When he focuses on a task, he probably won’t notice what his wife said. The other example is about taking decision. A woman needs her man to take decision. When taking decision, women tend to consider feelings. Meanwhile men tend to use logic. So that men’s decision is more objective than women’s.

    A woman is the heart of a house. Women are “the managers” and men are “the directors”. Can you imagine if you don’t have someone who fussily manages your house? A woman can manage 100 tasks given and will fussily say this and that to run a family. My sister is a good example. She manages her family members. She won’t stop talking until her sons do what she said. One day, she was just tired to talk and arrange things, so she kept quiet. Strangely, her husband and sons feel that it’s not right. They miss her squeaky voice and her bossy style. It sounds bizzare, but it’s real.

    Women are blessed to be able to deliver babies to the world. A woman patiently resists pain during the labor process. Somehow a woman will get extra energy to push the baby out and amazingly deliver a 3.5-kg baby out from the womb. Not to mention how naturally she produces milk to feed her baby born. It doesn’t stop there. She has intuition to take care of and raise her child. There is a special bound between a mother and her child. She could sense what her kid has and intuitively help her kid from danger.

    After thinking this over, I’m convinced that a woman has a man as partner in life. Definitely a woman and a man complete each other to live happily. A woman is the heart of family because a family won’t be lively without her. And the last, a woman is created to present new generation in the world. So I keep praying for the chosen one because I believe I won’t stay single.

  3. Dear : Mr. Parlin
    Here is my midterm assignment.
    Ideas for Improving Education in Indonesia
    Education plays an important role in improving the life. It is a key to create resources that can produce an unlimited welfare because educated people can build a tremendous wealth. To face globalization era, the quality of education in Indonesia requires a lot of improvement. Talking about education that has a wide scope, the writer takes some points which can be viewed and improved to achieve an advancememt of education in Indonesia. They are the government, the quality of educators, and the facilities.
    The first point that should be improved is the government. They absolutely have to participate in developing the quality and the advancement of education in Indonesia. Its role is related to provision of funds that can be used to fulfill the facilities of education, to fix the broken school buildings or education institutes and to increase the living standards for educational human resources. The development of curriculum is the government responsibility as well. They should be always update its content based on the needs of the students. The needs of the students with their different levels is one of challenging sides for the government to provide the curriculum that is suitable for them.
    Good educators will have good effects in handling the process of learning. Their qualities will determine how the process of learning runs by implementing the curriculum and methods that they will apply to their students.

    The educators not only deliver the lesson but also they give the chance to the students to be more active participating in their study, discovering new information about a problem and creating a new and unexpected solution. In addition, the educators can build the motivation for their students by supporting them with positive encouragement in their learning process. So, both educators and students together can learn something to develop their knowledge. They can bring their students to get the goal in their studies as well.
    Educational facilities have a major impact on learning. A building with its facilities can be a tool to measure how good the education places are as well as cleanliness, safety, comfort, and healthy environments are important components of successful teaching and learning. The facilities usually are designed based on the curriculum used. For example, specifically for adults classes, one of supporting facilities is providing the computers with internet service. The teachers commonly use their own computers in delivering the lesson instead of bringing a lot of books as the material resources. However, the students are also required to have their computers in getting the information of the study. On the other side, young learners need the facilities that are appropriate with their ages. Variety of instructional materials aides such as storybooks, songs, puzzle, soft toys, and other interesting medias are required to create fun learning process.

    We can conclude that the future of education in Indonesia is in the hands of government as the authority of the nation. Certainly, good human resources, appropriate curriculum and complete facilities support the process of learning that can set a good goal for the students in their study . So, they will have a good future that can bring them toward the globalization era.

  4. Dear Mr. Parlin Pardede
    Essay Women should not stay single
    Ema Maritha
    This my mid semester
    Who need love ? The answer is everybody need a love. Talking about love so that everbody like and interest. In the world nobody want to live lonely , everybody need love because with love we can felt everything. Everybody wants get married with a person who loved. Not only man but also women was needed somebody to make her life to be happy, colorfull and accompany her forever.
    I think women should not be single, because nobody in the world want to live lonely. Althougt in this era more women has a good job and tittle but women is women. Women has a good job , smart , beauty and having a good attitude but women need a love and somebody for accompany and keep her life. Sometimes more women thinking that married didn’t important for her, the women think that get married can making her life be boring and having problem to her life. I think the women should have married although she has a good job or she is a boss. Why women should not be single , maybe when we have a special person in the life , it can make her life be colourful. If, we have a special person in the life dont be affraid, it can make your life be trouble, sometimes we have a diffrent things with a special person but its a life. So, more women thinking that married can make her life be a trouble.
    In the world , all the people’s needed love, care and special person for accompany her / his life . So women should not stay single, we could think that have a special person or get married can be make us was happy and dont be affraid that you find a different things because nobody perfect in the world. We can spending a whole life for loving him.
    Having a relationship can make eveybody be adult and maybe can make a less selfish. So that married not only make us felt happy but also can make us thinking that life should not lonely. Some people say that maried can make somebody have a long life and still young.
    So, I think that women should not stay single, trust your hearts that you can find a special person in your life in the right time and always keep your love.

  5. dear sir
    below is my mid term essay.

    The Ideas for Improving Education
    Education is one of the ways to reach our dream. Our parents sometimes said that we have to get the higher education to reach our goals in life. So, with the hard work, we still want to have it. According to some experts, education itself has many meanings. They have their own theory and definitions. Sometimes there is a different opinion in it. Actually, for the national policy, education can be explained easily and understood by many people. So, they can directly good in teaching, even in delivering the lesson to the other. Education, according to “UU No. 20 Tahun 2003 about SISDIKNAS”, is a planned process to create the situation of learning and the learning’s process the children or the students actively can develop their potential to have religion spiritual’s power, cleverness, and capability that needed for themselves and nations. From the meaning we can still find, the ideas for improving the education like, a planned method of teaching create the situation of learning and the learning’s process and giving the spiritual understanding.
    A planned method of teaching is the first ideas for improving the education. Education is a process that is thought for teaching the students. So, in every level we should make sure that the learning activity is planned and thought for making better the education’s system. Related to the meaning, the activity of learning itself have to be planned first as it is said in the Permendiknas RI no. 41 Tahun 2007. According to this regulation, the plan of the learning process includes the making of the syllabus and RPP. When the person has made it and taught the students they can master the material. It will be impossible that he/ she will teach the wrong concept of the material. And they will reach the target of the learning goals. In the other word, the students can understand the material easily because they face and find the concept of the material.
    The second idea is to create a conducive situation for learning and the learning’s process. Situation in learning something is very important. It can make the students enjoy the learning process. By creating the innovation of making the situation more alive in the process, it will make sense if the students can learn effectively. Not only that, the environment around the students must be good also. It can also develop the potential and creativity of the students. In addition the learning’s process can be built by the teacher to make it more fun. The step of making the situation of the learning process is also still needed in that way because the situation can support the learning process work well. Students can explore their ability and their mind through it also.
    The last one is giving the spiritual understanding. Many clever people reach their goals in their life but many of them still can’t manage their spiritual. So they still don’t care about others. This case giving the students about the spiritual understanding early hope that they will enlarge their mind about the spiritual understanding. According to the “UU No. 20 Tahun 2003 about SISDIKNAS” the goals of our national education is not only the individualistic education but the social education, so it means that we have to make it balance each other. Today, the education of character is more popular because it also teaches about sociality too. So the goals will be successful.
    Based on the discussion above, making planned method of teaching, creating the situation of learning and the learning’s process and giving the spiritual understanding are important ideas to improve the education. By implementing the ideas, not only the goals of the education can be received but the goals of making the people care about others can be succeeded too.

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