2. Distinguishing Fact from Opinion (module)

4 thoughts on “2. Distinguishing Fact from Opinion (module)

  1. Dear Mr. Parlin
    Below are my assignments:
    1. Opinion, because critically reading is interesting and enjoyable only for people who enjoy reading but in fact not everyone enjoy reading.
    2. Blend of fact and opinion, because even though it’s a fact that more and more young married couples got divorced today but marriage is still interesting in Indonesia society because there is an old opinion in Indonesia about people that are not married will embarrassing the family.
    3. Opinion, because it’s just an ancient myth of Chinese.
    4. Fact, because if a person getting older the process of remembering or performing other cognitive functions have been diminished or impaired.

  2. Dear sir,
    These are my answers :
    2. Statement 2 is an OPINION because not all young married couples got divorced today, and marriage is already interesting until now.
    3. Statement 3 is an OPINION because it’s just the ancient Chinese believed. it’s a myth in China.
    4. Statement 4 is a FACT . If a person getting older, their memory reduced/declined.
    Thank you
    Yulina R

  3. Hi sir this is my assignment

    Statement 2 is a blend of fact and opinion because nowadays in our society too much couple married when they was young and after that, they are divorced but, they will marry again with other man/woman because no body wants to be lonely. Until now, marry is one of the interesting topic in our society.

    Statement 3 is opinion because it is a fairy tale in china.

    Statement 4 is fact because of the facts of their aging when they get older and their brain cannot ability to remember anything so they become forgetful

  4. Dear all,
    Please determine whether each of the followings is a statement of fact (F), or opinion (O), or a blend (B) of fact and opinion. Give reason why you think so. Statement is done as a sample.

    1) To read critically is interesting and enjoyable.
    2) More and more young married couples got divorced today. So, marriage is no more interesting in Indonesian society.
    3) The ancient Chinese believed when an eclipse occurred, the moon was eaten by a dragon That’s why they shot off fireworks to scare the dragon away.
    4) People becomes forgetful as they get older.

    Statement 1 is an OPINION because not all people are fond of reading. Only people who likes reading will say that.

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